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Trump to Issue Executive Order Barring Entry of New H-1B and L-1 Visa Holders

Senior White House Officials announced today that President Donald Trump will issue a new Executive Order which bars some foreign citizens from moving to the U.S. on a number of work visas, including the H-1B specialty occupation visa and L-1 intracompany executive/manager and specialized knowledge visa, through the end of Calendar Year 2020.

While the Executive Order has not been issued yet, and the exact contents remain to be seen, the Trump officials said that H-1B visas for highly skilled workers, H-4 work permits for foreign workers’ spouses, H-2B guest-worker visas, J trainee visas and L intracompany transferee visas are among the visas to be targeted in the new announcement.

Apparently, several exemptions are available, including workers involved in treating or researchers involved in Covid-19 work; and temporary H-2B workers in the food supply and seafood processing industries.

The officials stated that the order will only affect those outside the U.S., according to the officials and will not affect those who have already been issued visas. The president’s order is also rumored to affect the issuance of new green cards through the end of 2020.

Once the final version of the order is issued, we will update this page with more information.

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