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Anaheim Asylum Office Processing Times Update

Asylum Processing Times in Anaheim

Currently, new non-credible fear Asylum Interviews are being scheduled at the Anaheim (Los Angeles) USCIS Asylum Office for applications filed in August of 2011. As we wrote previously here and here, there are various factors causing a slowdown in adjudications. Whereas several years ago interviews were scheduled less than six months after I-589 application filing, it is now taking up to 5 years.

In recent days, however, Asylum Office Director Radel issued a statement indicating that adjudication may be speeding up. Based on information received through the American Immigration Lawyers Association, USCIS announced that in the coming week the Anaheim Office will double the number of asylum interviews that have recently been able to be scheduled. Increased staffing is the primary reason for the expected improvement in processing times. In its statement, however, USCIS cautioned that: “[quicker scheduling] will, of course, be dependent on our ability to first expeditiously handle our credible and reasonable fear screenings for individuals in detention and our staffing of details for the Refugee Affairs Division and at the Family Residential Centers in Texas.”

As further information on overall processing times or processes become available, we will post about them on this site.

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